The beginning of the construction of your boat starts with the Lamination Process. Here our team hand lays multiple layers of fiberglass material in a mold. Your hull, deck, and modules are built from the outside-in. Once lamination is complete, your boat is ready for prep.



Once lamination is complete, the prep team begins building the deck (liner), console and modules. These consist of the cabin module, dash, helm seat, t-top, anchor locker lid, and more. Using state of the art technology and equipment, our team is able to ensure each component of your build is checked for quality and safety. After the prep work is done, your boat is ready for assembly.



The assembly phase of your build is where your vision begins to take shape. Once lamination and prep work is complete, our team begins to assemble your hull, deck, cabin, and dash. From here, we send your boat to paint, and once complete we begin the rigging process.



The rigging process is the most time consuming phase of the build process. Rigging is when we install all of the t-top, audio equipment, electronics, plumbing, fuel systems, and other requested options before delivery. During this process some parts are fabricated for you and some are ordered in based on what you’ve selected.



When it comes to making sure every detail of your boat is crafted to the highest standards, our team leverages the newest CNC technology to make sure every door, hatch, and handle matches the exact specifications you know and love from Sunsation boats.



Working alongside our team, we’ll take a consultative approach to helping you design and build the boat of your dreams. Every build that rolls out of our factory is an enhancement on a previous build. Using industry best practices to level up our quality, and your inspiration to guide us along the way, we’re excited to welcome you to the family, and offer you an opportunity to play an active role in the boat building process.

If you are interested in job opportunities at Sunsation Power Boats click here to reach out to our HR department!