Since the early to mid-1900s, the Algonac area has been known for producing some of the worlds most impressive performance boats, as well as innovating the industry as a whole. Most notably, Algonac was home of legendary performance boat builder, Chris Smith, and his iconic Chris-Craft wooden runabouts. As of today, Sunsation Boats remains the only boat builder in the area, carrying on the legacy that was born here so long ago.



Founded in a small garage just down the road from the original Chris Craft factory, Wayne Schaldenbrand founded Sunsation Boats in 1980 after experiencing the pain of working with sub-par boat manufacturers, In a 20x20 space, Wayne built the first 16' Sunburn and quickly learned that his passion and talent for boat building would change the industry forever. Shortly after, his brothers Joe and John joined the company and have contributed to the growth and community that supports Sunsation today.



Realizing the growing demand for performance boats across the country, the team focused on expanding their lineup to cater to more than just the everyday, offshore enthusiast. With the release of the signature F4, a 43' luxury performance vee bottom touting 2700HP, Sunsation was elevated in the competitive market alongside industry leaders such as Cigarette, Donzi and Formula. For over 25 years, the Sunsation team continues to let their passion for performance drive the innovation in every boat they release.



As technology and marine engineering innovation continued to evolve, the type of boats that people wanted also evolved. As many performance enthusiasts began to transition from traditional offshore boats to center console boats, Sunsation decided to bring their offshore roots into the growing market, and create a new experience for center console enthusiasts. While the design of our boats has changed, our mission for building a boat worth owning, remains the same.