How far can you travel by boat in a day?

Russ Cayse shares his awesome journey from Chicago to St. Louis on his Sunsation 32 CCX.

Below is the log and summary of the trip. Thanks for sharing Russ!!


-We put in 14 miles from Chicago on Lake Michigan and started the run around 5:15 AM

-14 miles in less than 20 minutes, water smooth

-Lock thru to downtown Chicago 6AM have to idle a few miles, but get to run pretty quick due to very few people there on a Sat morning

-35 miles to Lockport lock, have to wait 2 hours to get thru (losing hope of 1 day run)

-5 miles to Brandon road lock, get a lucky break and get right in, thru in 25 minutes

-15 miles to Dresden Island lock, only have to wait 30 minutes, getting VERY confident

-26 miles to Merseilles lock, get there at 11:30, have to wait 2 ½ hours for barges to work thru (confidence blown)

-Get to last operating lock Starved Rock at 3:00, get thru in one hour, leave there at 4:00 PM, 230 miles from Grafton

-Most of the final 4 hours at 60 mph, heavy head wind 90% of the trip, some 1-2’ wind chop and boat wakes, did not slow for any of it. Slowed down for hard rain near Peoria for about 10 minutes, and made very quick fuel stop in Havana IL around 6:00

-Arrived Grafton boat ramp at 8:15, about 30 minutes before dark (the 6th member of our group had driven the truck and trailer to Grafton for us)

-Technically it was Hammond IN to Grafton IL in one day.


343 miles

15 hours total

5 hours stopped (deceptive, due to a fair amount of idling around locks, was more like 7 hours)

10 hours running (actual on plane running was less)

Moving average 33.8 mph (low due to idling)

Total average speed 23 mph (accurate)

Fuel used 188 gal (accurate, 1.82 mpg avg)

If you have a big trip planned for your Sunsation, let us know! We’d be happy to share your story and let the world know what the CCX lineup is capable of!