Sunsation Delivers Its First 39 CCX; New 32 Dominator on the Way

Sunsation Powerboats of Algonac, MI, delivered its first 39 CCX center console boat to Mark Waddington, co-owner of Performance Boat Center of the Lake of the Ozarks.
The 39′ joins Sunsation’s two earlier CCX models, the 32 and 34, to the builder’s lineup. The 39′ “drives like a sports car,” according to Sunsation co-owner Joe Schaldenbrand. It handled great, accelerated great, turned great. It feels very nimble, but it’s a wave-crusher and handles rough water exceptionally well.”
The initial 39′ is powered by triple Mercury Racing 400s, but there are orders for several more, and the next one up will have quad 400s.
“The acceleration was probably what impressed me the most,” Schaldenbrand added. “With the triple 400s, it takes off extremely hard. It’ll put you back in your seat, for sure. Overall, the boat really exceeded my expectations.”
Waddington’s 39 was clocked at 75+ mph, and future models with the quad 400 power are expected to exceed 80 mph.

In addition to the new center console model, Sunsation will be dipping its toes back into the traditional sport boat market with the introduction of the 32 Dominator, the first of which is on its way to Mitcher T Custom Painting, and will be water-tested in the coming weeks. This boat will combine the Tres Martin-designed 32 CCX bottom with the company’s open-floor sport-boat deck. “A lot of people still want the sport-boat look, but with the outboard configuration. To me, it’s the new version of the sport boat. And although a T-top will be available for this boat, the first couple of models will not have the top. If you add the top, it will look like a center console. This will be our new 32’ Dominator.”
Schaldenbrand said Sunsation would likely bring the 32 and 39 CCX models to the Miami Boat Show; at press time, it had not been decided where the 32’ Dominator would be debuting. Watch this space!

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