Previously Poker Runs America and Sunsation ( had worked together on a Sunsation 32’ Performance Boat to promote poker run attendance for smaller performance boats. “It got Sunsation a lot of exposure,” said Joe Schaldenbrand, Vice President at Sunsation. “I liked the way that all went. Then we started talking about doing a center console.”

The initial discussions took place between Bill and Todd Taylor (Poker Runs America Vice President of Sales) and Schaldenbrand at the 2014 Miami International Boat Show. Mercury Racing ( agreed to join the cooperative effort by supplying the motors and the plan for the new Poker Runs America Safety Boat was set in

At 32’ long with a 9’ beam and a weight of 7,000 pounds, the 32 CCX is a good size for the assignment. The twin-stepped bottom was designed with well-known performance boat consultant Tres Martin, who owns the Tres Martin Performance Boat School ( and it features the proprietary SS Taper Ventilation Technology.
The boat should run close to 80 mph once it’s dialed in, said Schaldenbrand. The 32 CCX is designed to accommodate a variety of recreational activities and is big enough to be able to handle the confused seas that can come with a poker run, but is also small enough that it can be easily towed to the various events around the country. The boat comes with trim tabs, six pop-up cleats, a cabin and a private head with a pumpout toilet. The cabin measures 8’ fore to aft, by 4’6” wide by 6’2” headroom.

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